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A nature enthusiast/wildlife photographer as the Founder, a DIY enthusiast & another minimalist as Co-Founders helped this vision come to life. A brother-sister trio, who collectively believe in working towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

It all started with a simple shift in mindset - which was going back in time 20 years and revisiting ways of life. We were always fascinated about the old world charm of doing things, which was something that we needed to bring back into the modern-day world, that badly needed to be revived - all thanks to the wrong choices we made.

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Know About Revive

Revive is working towards becoming a one-stop-shop for all things eco-friendly. We look at this as an opportunity to promote sustainable living, educate people, and encourage them to be a part of a community which helps in bringing about change. We want to change the stereotype and make natural products more accessible and affordable. Though a lot of eco-friendly alternatives are coming up today, most of them still eventually end up in landfills. So, we at Revive strive to provide you with products that reduce single-use and adhere to the core values of a sustainable lifestyle. We encourage customers to reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and then finally dispose of when there is no other alternative.

We at Revive believe in following these things


Reduce Bio Waste

Less is more



Necessities only


Refuse to Single Use Products

Say no to single-use



Multiple uses to maximize shelf life



Pass it on



Fix it



Find ways



Last option

How We Pack

Packing Box

Eco Packaging

Today, with increasing number of companies entering the ecommerce business, packaging makes up for one of the most waste generating items. There is urgent need for companies to find and switch to zero waste packaging.

Being an eco-friendly company, our mission is to reduce plastic and achieve zero waste not only with our products but also our packaging. Though it is difficult, we focus our efforts on finding alternative sustainable options.

The options for packing supplies are virtually endless, but it is difficult to wade through the sea of eco-myths surrounding packing options as there are pros and cons associated with every material.

We primarily use paper packing and cardboard boxes which are easily recyclable. It is our promise to deliver products to you in a plastic-free package.

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