• Revive Oval Coconut Diwali Candle Bowl
  • Revive Oval Coconut Diwali Candle Bowl
  • Revive Oval Coconut Diwali Candle Bowl
  • Revive Oval Coconut Diwali Candle Bowl
  • Revive Oval Coconut Diwali Candle Bowl

Revive Oval Coconut Diwali Candle Bowl

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Size 125 to 150ml, (l)2.1 to 2.3 inches (w)3.75 to 4.75 inches
Color Brown
Pack of 4


  • Handcrafted bowls made from natural coconut shell
  • 100% natural, 100% sustainable
  • Coconut shells are cut, sanded and polished with coconut oil to turn them into these beautiful earthy bowls.
  • It can be used to keep floating candles for home decor like in the picture and can be used to serve ice-creams.

Recipe for Revival

Revive Oval Coconut Diwali Candle Bowl

Add a touch of brown to your kitchen and enjoy your favorite savory in these bowls


Ethically Made

Natural Products

Natural Product


Cruelty Free


Eco Friendly

Alternative for Single use plastic & paper bowls


Coconut shell: Discarded shells are handcrafted to give a new meaning to sustainable eating

Coconut oil: Natural coconut oil is smeared to give it a pleasant fragrance and a shiny finish

Sandpaper: Makes the shell smooth and even and gives it a neat earthy finish


  • Caring for your Coconut bowl is important since it is a natural product.
  • Do not use in dishwasher, microwave, oven or refrigerator
  • Do not expose bowl to extreme temperatures
  • Hand Wash with warm soapy water and let it soak
  • The bowl may become dry and dull after 15-20 uses. Just scoop a tablespoon of coconut oil onto a cloth and polish it inside out.
  • Yippie! The bowl is restored and good as new again
Care for Your Family
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  • Though coconut shells are biodegradable, they take 9-12 months to break down. Once they do they act as nutrients
  • We recommend you reuse the bowl as they make for good planters and great mulch for your soil. You can also use them as bird feeder
  • Only dispose the bowls responsibly once they are not reusable

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coconut bowls hygienic?
The bowls are made from natural coconut shell and are smeared with coconut oil for a smooth shine and finish. Hence, they are completely hygienic and can be used to consume food.
Why is eating out a Coconut Bowl better than eating out of a regular bowl?
Coconut Bowls are a 100% natural product, by choosing to eat out of a Coconut Bowl you are helping the environment by contributing zero waste and using a recycled product of nature. They are also super fun to eat out of and look awesome too!
Are coconut bowls microwave safe?
Coconut bowls cannot be used in microwaves, ovens or refrigerators. The bowls are delicate and can be affected by extreme temperatures.
Are Coconut bowls breakable?
The coconut shells are a natural hard material and hence are not easily breakable. They can sustain a fall from reasonable heights.
My bowls have arrived, and they do not all look the same, is this normal?
No two coconuts are the same in nature, which is why all our bowls are different. Each bowl is unique and has so much personality with its own shape, size, markings and imperfections. Embrace their imperfections as that's what makes Coconut Bowls so special.

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