• Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set
  • Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set
  • Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set
  • Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set
  • Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set
  • Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

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Size 23 x 18 cm
Color Green
Color Cream


  • Hand-carved out of natural Bamboo wood 
  • Contains a Spoon, Fork, Knife, Chopsticks, Steel straw and Cleaner
  • A must-have for every traveler. Comes with a handy foldable cotton pouch so that you can easily carry it around wherever you go
  • No more excuses for single use. These cutleries can be reused and are easy to wash and maintain.

Ethically Made

Natural Products

Natural Product


Cruelty Free


Eco Friendly

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

No more excuses for single-use plastic and disposable cutlery. This reusable bamboo cutlery set will be your perfect travel companion. Carry sustainability in style

Single use cutlery

Bamboo:  Renewable resource adds charm while dining

Stainless Steel: Reusable, recyclable straw for a sustainable drink

Cotton Pouch: Your handy travel companion

  • Wash your bamboo utensils after each use. Avoid food from drying on the utensils
  • Do not soak the cutlery in water and do not put them in the dishwasher
  • Dry the bamboo utensils after washing with a cloth rather than letting them air dry
  • Apply oil to the utensils often using a clean dry cloth. Without oil, bamboo can splinter or crack with repeated usage and washing
  • Use food grade mineral oil, as they are tasteless and odourless, to keep the utensils well-conditioned and ensure longevity

  • The bamboo cutlery is 100% compostable. So, toss it in your compost to ensure zero waste
  • Stainless steel straw and cleaner is easily recyclable. Make sure it reaches the nearest recycle centre
  • Hand wash or machine wash and reuse the cotton pouch

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bamboo Eco-friendlier than wood?
The most important quality of bamboo is its environmentally friendly quality. It is renewable and bamboo forests can be grown in a few years. Pesticides and other chemicals need not be used while cultivating bamboo making it Eco-friendlier.
Is bamboo cutlery good for the environment?
Overall, bamboo is the most suitable material because it's environmentally friendly, economically practical, and socially acceptable. Bamboo is a type of grass, so it does not need to be reseeded after its initial planting. Bamboo cutlery is reusable and completely biodegradable.
Is bamboo cutlery durable? How long do bamboo cutlery last?
Bamboo is naturally durable and long lasting and hence these cutleries can be reused over and over again. Take care of your bamboo cutlery set and they will last for a very long time.